Shakespeare Improv Weekend:  

Three exciting and delightful shows, each one unique-

Fri. Nov 13, 7:30 pm:
 The first night will begin with a Judith Harris directed reading of an hour long PBS documentary, The Shakespeare Mystery, by Kevin Finn read by some of our finest local actors and celebrities including Neil Novelli, Jack Sherman, Simon Moody, Sam Tamburo and Ed Mastin.  It will be followed by an intermission.   Then, we will launch into Shakespeare Improv based on scenes, characters and props from the Bard's works.  Audience participation will be encouraged for the Friday show!  Members from the competitive teams will be participate as a practice session for the following two competitive shows.  There will be hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar for wine and beer. 

Sat. Nov 14, 7:30 pm: So far, teams from Open Hand Theatre and the Syracuse Shakespeare Festival are participating! The next two shows, about 1 1/2 hours each, will be competitive among the companies using the same format described above and giving you 3 creative takes on the same improv topic.  Scoring will be done by two pre-selected judges and one audience member on a 1-10 point basis for each improv.  We'll rotate the company order and have great fun.  

Sun. Nov 15, 2:00 pm:  Another competition among the companies based on scenes, characters and props from Shakespeare.  The format and scoring will be the same as described above.  Winners will be declared at the end of the show.

 Ticket Prices: 1 Day Ticket= $20;
2 Day Ticket= $35; (save $5)
3 Day Ticket= $45  (save $15)
Available at 
and at the door 30 minutes before each show
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